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Echo Canyon Electric is dedicated to keeping our staff ahead of the market. We offer all of our employees a competitive compensation plan, Arizona Builders Alliance Apprenticeship Program, as well as continuing education for supervisors and office staff.

Echo Canyon Electric makes every effort to create a modern, comfortable workplace environment to encourage job satisfaction and productivity.

Echo Canyon Electric provides a wide array of opportunities for all phases of employment from apprentices to management. We belong to Arizona Builders Alliance, which provides an education program for apprentices, continued education for foremen, and a leadership program.

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Employee benefits are important to the quality of the employee's life and their family. Echo Canyon Electric, Inc. offers a valuable package of benefits to our employees.

Paid Holidays

Echo Canyon Electric provides six paid holidays per year to enjoy personal time away from work.

Vacation Pay

Echo Canyon Electric offers one week’s paid vacation after one year of service with the company. Vacations must be used on a calendar basis and cannot be combined.

Medical Insurance

Echo Canyon Electric offers 3 medical plans. We also offer a Section 125 Cafeteria plan which offers pretax savings on the health insurance.

Dental Plan

Echo Canyon Electric provides a dental plan at no additional cost to the employee and their family, as long as the medical insurance has been selected.

401(K) Plan

Our 401 (k) savings/retirement plan offers employees the advantage to save on a pre-tax basis for retirement. With a variety of investment options to choose from, Echo Canyon Electric offers a retirement specialist who can lend a hand in helping you make the best selection for your individual needs.

Profit Sharing

Employees are eligible for the profit sharing plan after one year of service and are 100% vested after 6 years.

Life Insurance

Each employee, who is enrolled in the group health plan, receives a basic life insurance policy of $15,000 at no cost.